Wellness for All

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of everyone in our community. Now more than ever, we must examine how this sudden change in our lives, be it through changes in employment, feelings of uncertainty, fear, or overwhelm, family conflict, political objections, or overall trauma will be managed on a whole.


Although we are only a small group of therpiast we want to help as many community members as we can.  We fully believe that high quality mental health services should be available for everyone. Therefore, we are creating the Wellness for All program. 

Wellness for All is exactly as sounds. Our attempt at bringing mental health wellness to everyone. Wellness for All is a grant and donation funded program that allows us to provide free mental health services to those in need. 100% of all grants and donations received will go directly to funding the program. 


Wellness for All is for those who are currently unemployed / underemployed, have lost their insurance benefits, or simply unable to afford mental health services for themselves or their family members.  Those wishing to participate in Wellness for All will be asked to complete a brief application. 


Due to funding limitation, we are not yet able to accept applications for the Wellness for all program. Please check back soon for more information and updates on this program. 

If you would like to donate to the Wellness for All program to help provide mental health services to those in need please email us at info@moranfamilycounseling.com 

Telephone: (442) 222-1108

Fax: (760) 692-1831



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