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Coaching For Therapists 

Take advantage of over 30 years of combined experience from our team of licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Clinical Social Workers and learn the Do's and Don'ts of therapist documentation. Find the learning style that's right for you, be it videos, written coaching, or live video coaching sessions. 

The pivotal "Therapist Documentation Do's and Don'ts" training, created by Jessica Moran LMFT is two hours of self-paced videos. It is presented in an informal, yet informative, manner to help you build not only confidence but also a better understanding of documentation, that will aid you in passing audits and streamline your documentation process. 


Training Objectives Include: 

  • Understanding the importance of clear and concise documentation 

  • Learn a check list system to help document pertinent information for treatment planning and session documentation 

  • Learn how to write an accurate measurable goal that will pass an insurance review 

  • Understanding the different types of session notes (intake, progress, process, and discharge) and what is to be included in each 

  • Review sample treatment plans, treatment plan goals, and session notes 

Or take advantage of 1:1 coaching via chart review or live video coaching sessions. To schedule a coaching session or for more information on the chart review or the live video coaching session process please contact us.  

Therapist  Documentation Do's and Don'ts Training Course $125.00

Individualized Chart Review $45.00 per page

Individualized Live Video Coaching 50 minute session (includes as many charts as desired) $150.00

"I love the videos and that it's not just a voiceover. It makes the experience more personal. Your note examples have been so helpful. I love that you talk about previous experiences and also keep them concise. It's been clear and I haven't felt like anything included was extraneous. I think it will be well worth the money, and I wish that more training programs included this information."

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