ADD and ADHD can impact every aspect of your day to day life. It can look different for every person and feel different based on what symptom is cycling at any given moment. 

It is important to know that we provide tailored ADD / ADHD treatment not only to children but also for adults. Which means we can help school aged children build successful classroom skills but we also help adults to navigate building successful romantic relationship and careers. 

Our goal is to work with you in identifying you or your child's symptoms, learning your cycle or "saturation period" (that window where an intervention works really well then all of a sudden stops being effective), and create a system that will be successful long term. Some of the ways that we accomplish this is by focusing in on the following: 

  • periods or activities where hyper focus takes place

  • feelings of perfectionism

  • goal setting

  • organization

  • time management

  • medication monitoring 

  •  self-control 

  • memory